The Life Behind LifeBox

I have travelled a long and hard personal journey from overweight and unhealthy (*cue a sad melody from a minature violin*) to finally unleashing the best version of me that is fitter, healthier and happier. With my own experiences in mind, a career in the health professions and a new found passion for natural unprocessed food and regular gym training, I was inspired to create something that would enable others to embark on their own food adventure and be able to share my discovery of the astounding health and wellness benefits of a cleaner lifestyle and a permanent kiss goodbye to yo-yo dieting.

My own personal way of incorporating clean eating into my lifestyle is living by the 80/20 rule. Eating clean 80% of the time, and for the other 20% being able to enjoy whatever I want – many people call this a cheat meal or day however I always like to think of it as an “earned” percentage from eating well and training hard! This tends to keep me on track and even for the 20% portion I will find myself making more informed and sensible choices. I also believe that 80% of the time it is what you put INTO your body that determines your health, body shape and overall wellbeing and only 20% to do with the time and effort you put in at the gym. You can train hard but if your diet isn’t up to scratch the rewards of your efforts just won’t be seen OR felt. This is a very personal opinion and one that has developed over a number of years of turning into a dedicated fitness junkie and learning about the benefits of proper nutrition and clean eating and the most convenient and appropriate way of incorporating this into my every day life.

The LifeBox crew and I are obsessive believers in the power and remedial health benefits of good, real, natural, whole food. Fortunately the world that surrounds us is an incredible natural pharmacy and as such we are adamant that the food we take into our bodies should, as much as possible (I know we all crack now and then!) be cleansing, and protect and renew us. Food is our most essential ally in the quest for health, happiness, wellness and longevity – after all 70% of our immune system is located in our gut!