Lifebox Energy



A lovingly curated collection of healthy food & drink, ingredients and supplements designed to support activity and recovery for both men & women.

Also available with FREE DELIVERY as a fixed term or ongoing monthly subscription.

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Please note: In order to be able to supply single Lifeboxes throughout the month, we occasionally have to substitute products. This means some products shown in the image above may not appear in the box you receive. Please see the menu below for a list of the products currently in this box.

Example Menu

1 x Aqua Libra infused sparkling water

1 x Bounce protein energy ball

1 x Deliciously Ella muesli pot

1 x Drink Me Chai turmeric latte

1 x Hilbilby fire tonic original

1 x Mani exotic crunch

1 x Navitas organic goji berries sample pack

1 x Navitas organic maca powder sample pack

1 x Nourish by Naomi superfood blend sample

1 x Nucao chocolate bar

2 x Rude Health crunch bars

1 x Satisfied Snacks “Roughs” crispy snack

1 x Tribe natural oat bar

1 x Vahdam tea variety pack