Lifebox Energy subscription

From: £22.95 / month


Energy is the new name for the Men’s Health & Women’s Health Lifeboxes

A lovingly curated collection of healthy food & drink, ingredients and supplements designed to support activity and recovery for both men & women, delivered to your home or office every month.

Choose from an ongoing monthly subscription, or a fixed term of 3, 6 or 12 months with free delivery.

You can cancel a monthly subscription any time, fixed term subscriptions do not renew automatically.

High protein foods bursting with natural energy to fuel your workout and optimise recovery.


Subscription start date

Your first box will be despatched in the first few days of next month. Please tick here if you would like it delivered as soon as possible.

Is this a gift?

We can include a gift message with the first box and you can download a printable gift card in PDF format to print out and give to the recipient.

What’s in the box?

January Menu

1 x Joe’s Tea matchbox

1 x Wild Trail carrot cake bar

1 x Aduna moringa bar

1 x Boost Ball pack

1 x Bumblezest cacao

1 x Full of Goodness skinned tiger nuts

1 x Mindfuel soup sachet

1 x Prana Protein sachet / bar

1 x Press snack pack

1 x Sandows nitro cold brew can

1 x Teapigs matcha latte sachet

1 x Vitamin Coffee sachet