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Quinoa Salad

If you are anything like us the thought of putting the oven on in these warmer evenings is the last thing you want to do, we were looking for some salad inspiration, so turned to our good friends...

20th June 2018

Mid Week Saag Aloo with Kanteen

To celebrate the lovely Kanteen becoming a stockist of Lifebox we caught up with the super talented Head Chef Ben Morgan, who shared with us some serious gluten free, healthy snack inspo in the...

26th May 2018

Plant Passion & Mind Food

Lauren Lovatt is a plant based chef. Currently she holds pop-up events in London, designs healthy snack recipes worldwide and teaches for PlantLab currently in Europe, the US and next year in...

18th May 2018

Tandoori sweet potato & kale salad

National Vegetarian Week is upon us!  Here’s one of Mira Manek’s spice-lifted Indian-inspired dishes to add to your healthy, gluten free snack repertoire: With the warmth and heartiness of...

14th May 2018

Top 10 tips for Optimal:Health

By expert Nutritional Therapist, Maxine Sheils We are so excited to share with you these easy and simple tips for Optimal:Health by Maxine Sheils, a registered Nutritional Therapist empowering...

12th May 2018

Spinach & Moringa Dhal

A nourishing recipe by Nadra Shah Founder of Kitchen & Soul.  Be sure to make extra for a healthy snack. (It’s that good – we promise!) Serves: 2 for a hearty meal or 4 if you are...

12th May 2018

Beware hidden sugars !

Founder of Nut Blend Nut Butter Gabriella Block discusses hidden sugars lurking in “healthy snacks” Whether it’s 4pm in the afternoon or straight after dinner, I always like to...

4th May 2018

April is IBS Awareness Month

As you may know April is IBS Awareness Month – a time to raise awareness and talk about what life is like with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Here at Lifebox, we believe healthy snacks are a critical...

16th April 2018

Immunity Boosting Curry

This is the perfect winter warmer! It’s super easy to make but packed full of amazing flavours and so much skin goodness! LoveRaw’s Immunity blend is made up of; turmeric, maca, ginger, cardamom,...

7th April 2018

How in touch are you with your gut?

Did you know that a multitude of stomach and health problems can be linked to the balance of flora in your digestive system? If you’re ready to try something which truly works, then Symprove may...

23rd March 2018

How much is too much protein?

Is there such thing as too much protein in healthy snacks? Forming a better understanding about nutrition with Form Nutrition As with most nutrition questions, the answer is more complex than...

28th February 2018

Lawrence Price HIIT workout

An ex-international rugby player, Lawrence has a long history with sports conditioning at an elite level. For the past 10 years as a personal trainer he has coached Hollywood actors for film...

11th February 2018