Marie Claire made by Lifebox has been withdrawn from our collection

30 June 2018

It is with great regret that we must announce Marie Claire made by Lifebox has been withdrawn from our collection, as we have been unable to resolve some serious issues between Lifebox and Marie Claire.

Lifebox was started in 2014 when our founder Jen decided to share her healthy lifestyle journey with others, providing them with the tools to find what works best for them in the shape of a box of healthy snacks, drinks, ingredients and recipes. We have been able to connect with and meet some amazingly talented people along the way, and it has been really incredible to see our little box go from strength to strength. We are truly grateful for all the support we have had over the years.

We were on cloud 9 when we were approached by iconic brand Marie Claire to launch their first ever healthy food box in the UK. We were beyond excited, it was a real ‘pinch me’ kind of moment! If you know anything about us, you know we LOVE to introduce people to healthy, pure, new products, so this opportunity was a dream come true for us.

But for any partnership to work, everyone needs to deliver on the commitments they make. Ours was to curate a series of wonderful collections that would introduce Marie Claire’s audience to new, exciting wholefood & wellness products. The feedback we’ve received from you lovely lot on the Beauty and Restore editions has been really positive (thank you to all those who posted on social media about it, we really appreciate it!) so we hope we have delivered what we promised.

We were encouraged to enter into this arrangement with the promise that we would be given access to a huge audience of potential customers across numerous digital channels. Not only has a majority of the promised digital activity never materialised, we have also found that around 95% of a key component of this audience is in countries where we’re not allowed to sell the box, for example India, Pakistan, Egypt and Brazil. This was a major blow to our plans but we have carried on, doing what we can to plug this huge gap.

We’re now six months into the project and as Marie Claire are refusing to accept any responsibility for the current state of affairs, we have decided to withdraw this box from our collection. We love curating these boxes and had lots of ideas in the pipeline for the third edition, but it’s not possible for us to continue if we’re the only ones who are willing and able to deliver what was agreed.

In the mean time, we’re putting all our efforts into our regular, monthly changing boxes; the vegan & gluten / dairy free Classic for everyday wellness, and the Energy to fuel your workouts and enhance recovery. It’s an exciting time for Lifebox right now and we’re determined that this setback will just make us better and stronger!

Love, the LB crew.